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Hull Raspberry Jam, September 2016

The bear speaks...@HullRaspJam #rjam — heeed (@heeedt) September 10, 2016 Sharing ideas and resources, along with a chance to catch up, are all part of the spirit of the Jams. And great to see our Jam library expanding and being used 📚 Hands-on training from Victoria, our regional Code Club coordinator, for volunteers about to launch a club for 9-11 yr olds and an overview for those planning to offer a club:

Codebug devices (thanks again CPC!) and offer a practical session as a starter to the wonders with wearables. We'll continue to develop opportunities to extend digital making activities for everybody coming along to Malet Lambert. Look closely and you'll see some of our younger members helping others to write and download the code onto the device.  We do say we're all learning together! Below is a snippet of Anne's #TedBot8 project that she's been nurturing with her grand daughter over the Summer.  Inspiration comes from a film and together they're building the project and creating a guide which we're looking forward to seeing next. Big shout out to our friends from Huddersfield Raspberry Jam who came to support and inspire, then set off on a Jam Coast to Coast journey to finish their Saturday in Blackpool.

Jon for his brilliant new logo for Hull Raspberry Jam. With a backdrop of Amy and Jason we're looking forward to more digital making projects and STEM to STEAM collaborations across the city :

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