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STEM to STEAM with a Paint-off Challenge

Think I might've sounded a little grumpy lately. Waiting expectantly for a Watercolorbot is one thing but tackling the delivery service encountering comms barriers is another *.

Continually looking for approaches and resources to support the Research and Play, I thought this could be a project to explore areas for inclusive computing opportunities and the ease of transition from STEM to STEAM.

And in terms of raising aspirations and introducing more role models it seemed like an ideal opportunity.


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Ease of use? Wow - out of the box, software installed and first artwork created and printed in under 20 minutes.

What happened then? That was the Sunday Paint-off; hand over to the under-10s and see what they discover. Plug and go then reflect and plan. And they discover that they can build on skills using Scratch to create!

Next steps?

  1. Evaluation of impact through enrichment and/or formal curriculum activities.

  2. Secondary phase evaluation to include mainstream and special schools.

  3. Hack opportunities if a Raspberry Pi powered the board and then which areas of the curriculum could it support?

  4. Used as a visualisation tool how could current data projects be incorporated?

Now some teachers have used the littleBits resource boxes in Hull to support STEM clubs and a Raspberry Pi Club. Wonder if we'll go retro with a Raspberry Pi powered Etch A Sketch? I certainly hope so :)

* At one point the parcel looked to be heading straight back to California on a flight. Those similarities of location from a regular commute past the Humber Bridge kept frustrations at the forefront of my mind, and from where #BoomerangArt was born...



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